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How Positioning Works
Superior Positioning Framework

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Positioning?

Brand positioning is about carving a unique space in the minds of your customers. It's setting your brand apart in the crowded healthcare and legal markets through clear, effective communication, avoiding generic marketing speak.

What is a Positioning Strategy?

A positioning strategy involves choosing a specific market segment to focus on and differentiating your brand from competitors. It's about finding the unique angle that makes your brand the obvious choice in regulated markets.

How Does Clinical Positioning Help in Branding?

We utilize our expertise in strategic positioning and proprietary frameworks to make your brand stand out. By cutting through the noise with clear communication and AI-powered marketing, we position your brand for success in competitive industries.

Why is Brand Positioning Important?

In regulated markets, where trust is crucial, precise brand positioning ensures your brand is seen as reliable and expert. It's about making your brand the first choice for customers seeking quality services.

How Can Clinical Positioning Improve My Brand's Visibility?

ur approach enhances your brand's visibility by focusing on substance and strategy. Using our proven frameworks and AI-powered tools, we help your brand get noticed and appreciated in the highly competitive healthcare sector.

What Makes Clinical Positioning Different?

What sets us apart is our straight-talking approach combined with our deep understanding of regulated markets. Our Yorkshire grit and decades of experience, backed by AI-driven marketing, uniquely position us to elevate your brand.

Can Positioning Impact Customer Loyalty and Retention?

Absolutely. Effective positioning fosters trust and recognition, which are key to customer loyalty and retention, especially in the healthcare industry where these factors are paramount.

How Do We Measure the Success of a Positioning Strategy?

Success is measured through tangible results like increased revenue, market share, and customer feedback. We focus on KPIs that matter to your business and provide real data on what works.

What Are the Steps Involved in Developing a Strategy?

We start with an in-depth assessment of your brand's current position, followed by the development of a bespoke positioning plan tailored to your needs, employing our proprietary frameworks and tools.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Results can vary, but typically, you'll begin to see changes within a few months. Our approach is focused on creating sustainable, long-term success for your brand.
Brand positioning is far more than a new logo, tagline, or website design. It is a scientific process of carving out a distinct, valuable space in customers' minds and separating your brand from competitors.

Effective positioning sets a strong foundation for marketing strategies and messaging to reinforce what makes your business exceptional. It requires an in-depth analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, target audiences and the broader market landscape. We then develop a unique value-based narrative that resonates emotionally with consumers and drives purchasing decisions. This narrative should come through in every interaction with your brand across channels. 

Positioning establishes clarity regarding who you serve, why you are distinctly better suited to add value for them, and why they should choose you.
Positioning strategy is far more comprehensive than selecting a market segment. It is a meticulously planned process to own a distinct space in the minds of target customers and solidify your brand as the premier option compared to competitors.

An effective positioning strategy first analyses the market landscape to identify key customer groups and unmet needs. We then highlight your most differentiated strengths and values. Leveraging data-driven insights and creative messaging, we showcase precisely why your brand uniquely solves core problems better than alternatives.

The end result is an ownable niche that emotionally resonates with consumers. This forms the backbone of communications across channels that reinforce your superior value and cement your position as the obvious choice in crowded markets. 

Strong positioning guides business growth decisions and marketing to continually reinforce your competitive advantage.
Generic positioning fails. In crowded markets, it blends you into the background.

We empower trailblazing brands to dominate industries through differentiation and value-based positioning.

Our rigorous strategy digs beneath the surface to reveal your organisation's soul - its passion and innovations. We spotlight your "why" through an emotive narrative that resonates rationally and emotionally with your audience.

Armed with human insights and creativity, we translate your purpose into an ownable competitive edge that defies conventions. One that sparks a movement across touchpoints and connects on a deeper human level.

The outcome is more than communications or surface-level branding. It's a fully integrated ecosystem designed to entrench your positioning as the definitive choice and industry gold standard for the problems you exist to solve.
Trust is the ultimate currency. Without it, transactions cannot occur.

Precise brand positioning cements your organisation as reliable, reputable experts that clients can depend on. We spotlight your commitment to quality, safety, and responsible practices.

The outcome is an authoritative market presence and positioning that earns consumer confidence. 
We enable you to become the default option for buyers prioritising trust and credibility in providers.

This empowers growth unrestricted by price sensitivity. It fosters higher customer lifetime value and insulation from downward fee pressure. Brand positioning strategically places trust at the core of your brand identity.
Our positioning strategies thrive across platforms.

Employing today's leading media technologies, we ensure your essence permeates every touchpoint and channel.

Our creative campaigns combined with data intelligence provide insights to optimise messaging distribution and frequency.

We boost visibility and nurture meaningful engagement by leveraging owned, earned and paid media buying. Supported by automation and AI capabilities where applicable.

The outcome is an integrated ecosystem with reach and relevance. We strategically interact with target audiences up, down and across your sales funnel.

Robust analytics quantify our impact across platforms. They inform optimisations to provide tailored journeys that reinforce your competitive differentiation.
Straight-Talking Brand Elevation.

Our differences manifest through clarity and capability.

We blend Yorkshire grit with human creativity and empathy. This fuels our straight-talking, streetwise approach to positioning brands amid complexity.

Decades immersed in regulated sectors provide intuition and foresight into functional and emotional customer needs.

Combined with leading-edge technologies, we ignite resonance between your essence and audience values scalable through AI augmentation.

The outcome is substance beyond branding. We anchor companies to purpose-driven positioning that simplifies decisions.

This launch pad fuels their trajectory toward market leadership behind authenticity and competitive differentiation.

Let's have a no-nonsense discussion about igniting your potential.
The Loyalty Advantage

Loyalty originates from resonance.

Effective positioning cements recognition and trust - the cornerstones of commitment.

We spotlight shared values and calibrate messaging to strike emotive chords with target communities.

Consumers invest in brands that understand their needs and simplify complex decisions through clarity. Our strategies deliver that intangible emotional connection.

The outcome is elevated affinity and authority. By owning a unique space in hearts and minds, retention requires minimal transactional incentives.

Let's connect to craft a positioning that wins beyond wallets - one that earns the invaluable asset of customer evangelism at scale.
Our process has three key steps:

Assessment - We conduct an in-depth analysis of your current brand positioning, including market landscape, customer perceptions, and how you are currently perceived vs competition.

Strategy - Leveraging insights from the assessment, we develop a positioning strategy and roadmap tailored to your brand's specific needs and goals.

Execution - We employ proven frameworks and tools to orchestrate the strategy across activities, messaging, and touchpoints. This brings your differentiated position to life effectively throughout the marketplace.

The outcome is an actionable plan to own your niche by realigning customer assumptions and cementing why your brand is the definitive choice.
Our process has three key steps:

Assessment - We conduct an in-depth analysis of your current brand positioning, including market landscape, customer perceptions, and how you are currently perceived vs competition.

Strategy - Leveraging insights from the assessment, we develop a positioning strategy and roadmap tailored to your brand's specific needs and goals.

Execution - We employ proven frameworks and tools to orchestrate the strategy across activities, messaging, and touchpoints. This brings your differentiated position to life effectively throughout the marketplace.

The outcome is an actionable plan to own your niche by realigning customer assumptions and cementing why your brand is the definitive choice.
While timeframes vary based on the brand and strategy, most clients begin seeing tangible results within the first 3-6 months in the form of increased leads and website traffic. Typically, market perception and consideration metrics also start to shift positively around the 6-month mark as the positioning permeates audiences.

However, the most dramatic jumps in key business growth metrics like revenue and market share emerge in the 9-12 month range as the platform for long-term gains is built. 

Our positioning strategies focus on enduring results rather than quick, unsustainable wins.

We track progress through defined milestones aligned to short and long-term objectives. This allows us to showcase positive momentum building over the initial months while maintaining focus on the overall multi-year goal - significant brand growth fuelled through precise positioning.

What Our Clients Say

"Their positioning framework and branding expertise have helped us differentiate from the competition and thrive in a highly competitive landscape. The increase in KPIs and the influx of new clients testify to their effectiveness. We sincerely appreciate their straightforward approach and unwavering expertise and look forward to continuing our successful partnership.

Thank you, Clinical Positioning, for being instrumental in Nexus Dental's ongoing success story!"
Steve Campbell - CEO
Nexus Dental Laboratory
"We have been working with Gareth & the team and have found them extremely competent in their application & management of our Google Ads Accounts. Urgent Care group comprises three medical care businesses and around 15 clinic locations; by the very nature of our business, our accounts are fast-moving and have a layer of complexity that most companies don't have and involve large budgets.

Gareth's team have helped shepherd the business through one of the most challenging and testing economic period in economic times.
Moreover, during this period, they have managed to deliver an increase in revenue by 8x returns, and deliver record ROI months. I'm not sure how many other agencies could say that.

I would highly recommend Gareth & his team for his professional and personable approach to the business if you have multi-location high revenue advertising accounts and want to see an increase in your revenue."
Jarret streiner - CMO
Urgent Medical Care
"In the last year we have gone from roughly $1k a month in sales to over $10,000 a month in sales, which is a 6 figure business. Hard to imagine last year. Thanks to your team, knowledge and execution we have achieved that. 

What is really exciting is to see the projections for 2019, that we are going to be reaching $20,000pm and beyond. So excited to be continuing our relationship into the new year. If there's anyone out there considering who to handle your marketing and advertising, it is an easy yes. Keep up the incredible work, we're excited!"
Steve Branz - President
"We appointed the team two years ago to assist us with our SEO digital marketing. Our business has more than doubled in this time and continues to grow apace.

Their actions have played an essential role in helping us to achieve this growth!

The team are great to work with and we consider them to be part of ours now. Can’t recommend them highly enough."
Jamie Bryant - Managing Director
UK Visas
"2020 saw the pandemic and a tidal wave of uncertainty swept through the community. CP were sure to provide extra care and support required in difficult times. We had to make sure that every penny counted and that the clinic was well positioned to capitalise on opportunities as the world re-opened.

In 2022, we're drinking from a fire hose of new patients and are set to begin expanding again! I've already referred colleagues, and if you're looking for personalized, data-driven solutions to grow your business, I highly recommend checking them out."

Matthew Reed
Sports & Orthopaedics Acupuncture
"Having worked with Russell, Gareth & team for the last 3 years, I find that they are wizards of marketing with innovative and sparkling ideas."
Michael Kain - Chairman
Kain Knight
"I am absolutely thrilled with the service. Using the Internet is the only form of advertising I have had to do and it’s all thanks to them."
Sam McGinty & Professor Craig Tetley
Gracie Barra Bradford
"Since my website was re-designed and re-launched it has gone from strength to strength with new and returning visitors daily."
Lisa Clegg
The Blissful Baby Expert
A stunning website which everyone has commented on and complimented. All round awesome. We be working with him again in the future!
Heidi & Adele
"Nothing short of impressed! The team met our needs and then some. A pleasure to work with."
Chris Volesky
Rocky Mountain Herb Supply
"Brilliant team to work with! I would recommend Gareth and his team to anyone wanting to grow their business online."
Magriet Groenewald
"Gareth is an amazing guy to work with, very knowledgable, creative (which is rare) and fun to be with!"
Nick Stolz
"We have been working with Russell and his team and have been impressed with his knowledge of various online platforms and his forward planning for campaigns. We have seen a spike in our enquiries and this has resulted in increased fee income which has more than covered our outlay. We would highly recommend Russell and his team."
Gareth McCay
McCay Solicitors
"I highly recommend Russell, Gareth & team... they are amazing! They've been so easy to work with and have far surpassed my sales expectations."
Robert Black