Transforming Nexus Dental: A Success Story of Branding and Positioning in the Competitive Dental Industry

Client Overview:

Nexus Dental Laboratory, established in 2015, has been at the forefront of digital dentistry, offering advanced digital solutions for exceptional dental care. As a pioneering digital-friendly lab, they have been dedicated to making the transition to digital workflows simple, cost-effective, and efficient, eliminating wasted visits and chair time for surgery partners and their patients. They pride themselves on exceptional services but struggled to convey their unique advantages in a saturated market.

Our Role:

Clinical Positioning partnered with Nexus Dental to reshape their branding and market positioning, ensuring they stood out in the competitive dental landscape. We recognised the potential of Nexus Dental's digital-first approach and aimed to highlight their expertise, their commitment to eliminating unnecessary surgery time, and their innovative restorative solutions.

The Challenge

Despite offering top-tier services, Nexus Dental faced challenges in distinguishing themselves from competitors. They had advanced workflows and a dedicated team, but conveying these strengths to dental surgeons and patients was a hurdle.

Impact of the Challenge

The inability to effectively communicate their unique advantages hindered engagement with current partners and stunted potential growth.

Our Approach

Clinical Positioning began with a meticulous analysis of Nexus Dental's strengths, weaknesses, and prevailing market trends.

Leveraging our expertise in branding and positioning, we developed a tailored strategy that highlighted Nexus Dental's commitment to excellence and innovation. This branding overhaul allowed them to effectively communicate their unique selling points to their target audience.

Collaboration & Results

Our partnership was rooted in understanding Nexus Dental's unique challenges and aspirations. We didn't offer a generic solution; instead, we empowered their team with actionable strategies and the tools for sustainable growth. The new branding and positioning strategies adhered to industry standards and regulations, ensuring Nexus Dental's continued compliance and success.

This resulted in quantifiable outcomes: Nexus Dental witnessed a significant surge in its key performance indicators (KPIs), exceeding its most ambitious projections. A notable increase in new clients accompanied this.


"I am thrilled to provide a glowing testimonial for the remarkable transformation that Nexus Dental has undergone with the invaluable assistance of Clinical Positioning. Before we partnered with Clinical Positioning, we faced many challenges in the fiercely competitive dental industry. We believed our services were exceptional, but we needed to effectively convey our team's unique advantages to the dental surgeons and their patients.

We needed a comprehensive strategy to distinguish ourselves from the competition and drive current partners' engagement and future growth by sharing the advanced workflows we constantly develop.

Clinical Positioning stepped in as the guiding light that addressed our challenges and reshaped our approach. Their positioning framework and branding expertise were nothing short of transformative. They meticulously analyzed our strengths, weaknesses, and market trends to develop a tailored strategy that set us apart. With their guidance, we found a voice and identity that resonated deeply with our target audience. The branding overhaul was a game-changer, allowing us to communicate our commitment to excellence and innovation in dentistry effectively.

The results of our collaboration with Clinical Positioning have been nothing short of astounding. Our key performance indicators (KPIs) have soared to new heights, surpassing our most optimistic expectations. We've experienced a remarkable influx of new clients, many of whom have specifically cited our revamped brand and positioning as the driving force behind their decision to choose Nexus Dental.

What I value most about Clinical Positioning is their straightforward approach and unwavering expertise. They didn't just provide us with a one-size-fits-all solution; they took the time to understand our unique challenges and goals. Their ability to distil complex concepts into clear, actionable strategies was awe-inspiring. They didn't just tell us what to do – they taught us how to do it, empowering our team with the knowledge and tools needed for sustainable growth.

In summary, our partnership with Clinical Positioning has been a transformative journey that has elevated Nexus Dental to new heights in the dental industry. Their positioning framework and branding expertise have helped us differentiate from the competition and thrive in a highly competitive landscape. The increase in KPIs and the influx of new clients testify to their effectiveness. We sincerely appreciate their straightforward approach and unwavering expertise and look forward to continuing our successful partnership.

Thank you, Clinical Positioning, for being instrumental in Nexus Dental's ongoing success story!"
- Steve Campbell, MD, Nexus Dental Laboratory.

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Nexus Dental's journey with Clinical Positioning transformed their market presence, allowing them to thrive in a competitive industry. Their revamped branding and positioning not only attracted new clients but also reinforced their commitment to excellence in the dental field.

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