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Why Work With Us?

Why Work With Us?

Hello, we’re the Clinical Positioning team. Nice to meet you! We are a compact powerhouse of marketing geeks, data devotees, and network ninjas. Our combined 50+ years of experience means we’ve seen it all before.

We’re not just passionate about helping SMEs harness the immense power of AI and automation; we’re straight-up neurotic about driving your growth and success.

No challenge is too big or too small for our mighty team of experts. We eat, sleep, and breathe results, and we won’t rest until your business is dominating its market like a boss.

We’re Waiting To Help You

Marketing Automation

Unleash the power of AI to supercharge your marketing efforts and drive unprecedented growth. Our cutting-edge solutions streamline lead generation, nurturing, and conversion, while personalising customer interactions at scale. With data-driven insights and predictive analytics, you’ll optimise your marketing ROI like never before.

Operational Efficiency

Transform your business operations with the power of AI and automation. By integrating intelligent tools, you’ll eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and free up your team to focus on high-value activities. Streamline workflows, enhance decision-making, and unlock new efficiencies. Embrace the future of work and position your business for success.

Custom AI & Automation

Experience the transformative potential of AI and automation, tailored specifically to your unique business needs. We will develop bespoke solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies. We will work closely with you to identify key opportunities, design and implement customised solutions, and provide ongoing support and optimisation. 

Discover How We Can Help Your Business

“Game Changer”

Clinical Positioning have revolutionised our operations. Their AI-powered solutions automated our most time-consuming tasks, allowing our team to focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. We’ve seen a significant boost in productivity and efficiency since partnering with them.

Steven Campbell

Steve Campbell
MD – Nexus Dental

“8x returns!”

The custom automation workflows Clinical Positioning developed for us have been a game-changer. We’ve drastically reduced manual errors, streamlined our workflows, and improved our bottom line. Their expertise and commitment to our success have made them an invaluable partner.

Jarret Streiner

Jarret Streiner
CMO – Urgent Care Group


We were impressed by Clinical Positioning’s ability to understand our unique challenges and develop tailored solutions that exceeded our expectations. Their AI-driven insights have helped us make better decisions, optimise our resources, and stay ahead of the competition. We highly recommend their services.

Michael Kain

Michael Caine
Chairman – Kain Knight

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Power Up Your Operations With
AI & Automation

Streamline your backend processes, enhance efficiency, and unlock growth with our cutting-edge AI solutions and automated workflows.